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Here you will find details of new information that has been (or is about to be) added to the website. Once loaded, there will be a link to its website page so that you can start looking at it straight away. Don't forget that you can always suggest other data that you think should be added via Website Development on the CONTACT US tab on the Home Page.

Earth Matters available online to all members

Earth Matters is the newsletter of the former Geology section of the Club and has been published yearly since 2004. These issues are now available to all members via the website; non-members will not be able to see the last five editions. The newsletter is fully illustrated in colour and contains articles and reports.. At the moment non-members can only see the 2004-2013 editions. Access the Earth Matters webpage here


1831 Census return for Wigmore

Although the 1831 returns do not have peoples' names and are not of so much interest for family historians, it is interesting to see the instructions to the overseers and the way the information was recorded. Printed versions of the returns were published, but the actual return brings the process to life. Go to this link for People Lists


Local maps added

A number of local maps have been added to MAPS>LOCAL MAPS. These are mainly estate maps and are in the parishes of Bridstow, Canon Pyon, Dilwyn, Goodrich, Holme Lacy, Hope-under-Dinmore, Ivington, Llangarron, Marstow, Kentchurch, Rowlestone, Stretton Sugwas, Wellington and Whitchurch. There are also a number of Hereford city maps including an improved version of Isaac Taylor's 1757 map of Hereford city.. Go to LOCAL MAPS to see the list of parishes. If there is a link shown there under the parish name there will be one or more local maps. 


Herefordshire Birds by Gilbert and Walker 1954

This 58-page Club publication has now been loaded in the Pre-2012 Publications section. It has notes of surprising vagrants identified in the county from the preceding century onwards.  See it here.


Fonts in Herefordshire by George Marshall

George Marshall's 3-part work on the pre-19th century fonts of Herefordshire was published from 1949-51; he died in December 1950. Over 200 fonts are mentioned and were photographed. Link to the index of parishes and images of the work here. To find if your parish has an entry search for 'font' and 'parish name with 'other' ticked.


Poston Camp Iron Age hillfort

A 39-page monograph on Poston Camp, an Iron age hillfort  by Dr I E Anthony was published in 1958. Excavations were made there from the 1930s and this report summarises the discoveries about the earthworks. It also contains descriptions and illustrations of pottery and bones. There is a short note on excavations at Timberline Camp not far from Poston. At can be accessed from the list of pre-2012 Club publications or here.


Seals belonging to the Dean & Chapter of Hereford

This monograph by F C and Penelope Morgan is a list of seals in the collection of the Dean and Chapter of Hereford cathedral. It is described as a 'concise list'. There are 4 pages of illustrations. You can see it here.


Links to Pre-2012 Publications

Some of the older publications listed in the Pre-2012 Club Publications section are available via links to other organisations such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Others are in the process of being scanned, or if originally published as part of a Transactions volume, will be available when it has been uploaded to the website. 


Paper on the RCHME survey added

In 2011 the Club published Essays in honour of Jim & Muriel Tonkin. Although the full volume is not available, one paper has been made available . This essay, The Royal Commission’s survey of the historical monuments of Herefordshire , recognizes their work in the field of vernacular architecture. The paper is available by following BUILDINGS>RCHME from the Home Page or by clicking here.


2017 Transactions available as download

The 2017 Transactions pdf is now available (to Club members only) as a download. Follow PUBLICATIONS>TRANSACTIONS from the Home Page and scroll down to see the available issues. The index has been uploaded to the website SEARCH  mechanism but be aware that some items e.g. many of the bird names have not been indexed and must be searched for in the document itself.


Transactions Extra paper and Topics pictures

The first Transactions Extra paper is 'The Monumental Mysteries of Goodrich church'. It is about research into some previously unexplained  items in the church: a much-abused altar-tomb; two sculptured heads sticking out of the wall in a dark corner and the connections of these with John Talbot, the 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and lord of Goodrich who died in battle in 1453. As this publication is only online it's possible to have the colour illustrations throughout. The British Library has allowed beautiful images of the Talbot-Shrewsbury book to be included, and Lambeth Palace library has allowed images of the wills of John Talbot and his son from their registers to be added. see the paper here. The index to the paper has been added to the website SEARCH mechanism.

The images used on the Home Page for the Topics panel have been changed, but it's now possible to access more information about them by choosing a Topic e.g. Archaeology and at the top of the page there is a link to a file with all the images that have been used. See it here.

Hearth Taxes: 1665 and 1671 (Wormelow) loaded

1665 Hearth Tax: This was transcribed by John Hornden from a film in Herefordshire archives. He also produced a personal names index. From these he published a typescript, copies of which are held at the archives, at the National Archives and at the Society of Genealogists. This has been photographed and the page images made available. on the website. The names index is available as a single file which can be downloaded. From this the images for each hundred can be browsed and a search for individual pages made using the website's Search mechanism on the Home Page. Some work still has to be done linking individual page images to a total list of the individual pages but this is not essential to the searcher. The 1665 Hearth Tax can be found by going to topic People>Person Taxation>Hearth Taxes>1665 Hearth Tax or by clicking here

1671 Hearth Tax for Wormelow: This was transcribed for Matthews' continuation volume of Duncumb's history of Herefordshire. It was published in 1912. You can go to it via People>Person Taxation>Hearth Taxes>1671 Hearth Tax Wormelow or by clicking here.