The Club and the study of Geology

From its earliest days the Club has been involved with the study of geology - a relatively new science in 1851 - and its early honorary members include figures on the national stage such as Sir Roderick Murchison.. The earliest published volume of the Club's Transactions (1852-1865) records field meetings in 1852.  In 2007 members had much fun in re-enacting, in costume, the third meeting  on 22 September 1852 to Aymestrey and Croft Ambrey, Sir Roderick making a guest appearance though he had not been able to attend the original outing. A film of this re-enactment has been issued on DVD called Picnic in Siluria.

Dominated by the Old Red Sandstone but fringed by older rocks and covered in a mantle of Quaternary 'Ice Age' deposits, Herefordshire's bedrock geology is almost entirely sedimentary in origin. Nevertheless the variety of geological phenomena is amazing and the landscape is beautiful, the two being inextricably interlinked. 

This is explored further in Herefordshire's Rocks and Scenery - a geology of the county edited by John Payne and published in 2017 by Logaston Press. The Club supported the publication of this book financially, so that its 230 pages could be packed with colour photographs and diagrams making it accessible to non-geologists.