1665 Herefordshire Hearth Tax
The 1665 hearth tax transcript on the Woolhope Club website is presented in two distinct parts. Firstly a personal name index which gives a reference to the hundred and parish (or other land area) in which the record is to be found.

Secondly, images of the transcript pages of the returns; these have introductory pages and then the returns organised by hundred in alphabetical order. There are notes on missing names and places also summaries for each hundred at the end of the transcript, also included at the end of each hundred. 

However, the names index reference  does not give a page number in the transcript but uses an earlier page-independent reference system developed by Michael Faraday in his transcript of the 1663 Herefordshire Militia Assessments (LMA), published by the Royal Historical Society in 1972.
Each reference consists of a code for the hundred followed by a number for the parish or other land area in which the return is to be found. For example, Goodrich in Wormelow hundred was Wm5 in LMA and is Wm5 in the 1665 hearth tax transcription. In fact, John Hornden annotated his hearth tax transcription with LMA to indicate where there is an entry in the 1663 militia return.

This would be plain sailing if the two returns had exactly matching collection areas but they didn’t and extra codes were needed. In addition in both sets of returns place names do not have the modern form or have been mis-transcribed.

Searching by personal name
There were far too many personal names to use the website search mechanism for the hearth tax entries. Use the transcript’s Personal Names Index which opens in a new window and look for your name. You can save the index for future reference by right-clicking on the page. When you find a name of interest, you have two options: you can either browse the individual entries which are organised by hundred (see below) or you can use the site search mechanism on the Home Page by putting in the hundred or number code e.g. Wm5 or R24. This should bring up just the page image of the transcript.

Searching by location
Each page image of the transcript returns has been given a keyworded name. For the majority the current name of the parish/location (if known) has been used as a keyword as well as the code (e.g. Wm15 Marstow). A single page may have more than one location on it and often a parish will be split between pages. In this case the two images names would include  Wm15 Marstow 1 and Wm15 Marstow 2. In a few occasions the permitted image name has been too long to include all the information and a duplicate image has been added with a slightly different name.
There is no need to find each page image to browse through a particular hundred, as there is also a document for each hundred of all its images, plus a analysis at the end of each of the returns for other years for that hundred (below).
A map of the hundreds can be found here. The hundred codes are:
B: Broxash; E:Ewyas Lacy: Ge: Greytree; Gm:Grimsworth; H: Huntington; R: Radlow; S: Stretford; Wb: Webtree; Wg: Wigmore; Wp: Wolphy;
Wm: Wormelow.

Broxash hundred all parish images City of Hereford all wards  Ewyas Lacy hundred all parish images
Greytree hundred all parish images Grimsworth hundred all parish images Huntington hundred all parish images
Radlow hundred all parish images Stretford hundred all parish images Webtree hundred all parish images
Wigmore hundred all parish images Wolphy hundred all parish images Wormelow hundred all parish images

You can also go to the Search on the Home Page, select OTHERS as the type to search, and put in the search terms Hearth Tax plus the reference number  (say B10a) or the place name if you know it (Marden) and the you can click on the 'More' at the right to view or download. Please note that some download file names do not have the full version below as they are too long to be saved as such.


Links to individual page images

B1 Avenbury Hopton B2 Bodenham 1

B2 Bodenham 2 B2a Bowley B2b The Two Maunds B2c The Moore

B3 Bredenbury B4 Bromyard 1

B4 Bromyard 2 B5 Collington 1

B5 Collington 2 B6 Much Cowarne 1

B6 Much Cowarne 2 B7 Felton B8 Grendon Bishop B9 Linton Br

B9 Linton Bromyard B10a Marden B10b Wisteston 1

B10b Wisteston2 B10c Verne B10d Fall Fenne B10e Fromington

B10f Sutton Freen B10g Amberley B11 Norton in Bromyard

B12 Ocle Pychard B13 Pencombe Grendon Marston

B14 Sapey Perry Hide B15 Stanton Bishop

B16 Stanford Regis B17 Stoke Bliss B18 Stoke Lacy

B19 Sutton B20 Tedstone Delamere 1

B20 Tedstone Delamere 2 B21 Tedstone Wafer B22 Thornbury Rowdon

B23 Ullingswick LC B23a Little Cowarne B24 Wacton B25 Whitborne 1

B25 Whitborne 2 B26 Winslow Bromyard

B26 Winslow 2 B27a Withington B27b Thinghill B27c Yeow Withington

B27d Preston Wynne B28 Wolferlow


Links to individual page images

City of Hereford Bisters Ward 1

City of Hereford Bisters Ward 2 Wye Bridge Ward

City of Hereford Eign Ward

City of Hereford St Owens Ward Widemarsh Ward


Links to individual page images

Ewyas Lacy E1 Craswall

Ewyas Lacy E2 Cusop E3 Llancillo E4 Llanveynoe 1

Ewyas Lacy E4 Llanveynoe 2 E5 Longtown 1

Ewyas Lacy E5 Longtown 2

Ewyas Lacy E5 Longtown 3 E6 Michaelchurch Escley 1

Ewyas Lacy E6 Michaelchurch Escley 1 E7 Newton 1

Ewyas Lacy E7 Newton 2 E9 Walterstone



Links to individual page images

Greytree Ge1 Aston Ingham

Greytree Ge2 Brampton Abbots Ge3 Eaton Tregoz Ge4 Fownhope 1

Greytree Ge4 Fownhope 2 Ge5 Hope Mansell

Greytree Ge6 How Caple Ge7a Linton

Greytree Ge7b Lea Ge8a Mordiford 1

Greytree Ge8a Mordiford 2 Ge8f Dormington Ge8g Bartestree Ge9a Much Marcle 1

Greytree Ge9a Much Marcle 2 Ge9b Yatton in Marcle Ge9c Wolton in Marcle

Greytree Ge9c Wolton Marcle 2 Ge9d Kynaston Ge10 Putley Ge11a Ross Borough 1

Greytree Ge11a Ross Borough 2

Greytree Ge11a Ross Borough 3

Greytree Ge11a Ross Borough 4 Ge11b Ross Foreign

Greytree Ge12 Sollershope Ge13 Uptoh Bishop 1

Greytree Ge13 Upton Bishop 2 Ge14 Walford

Greytree Ge15 Weston under Penyard Ge16a Woolhope 1

Greytree Ge16a Woolhope 2 Ge16b Buckenhill

Greytree Ge16c Brockhampton


Links to individual page images

Grimsworth Gm1 Bishopston Gm2 Byford

Grimsworth Gm3 Breinton Gm4 Bridge Sollers Gm5 Brinsop Gm6 Brobury

Grimsworth Gm7 Burghill

Grimsworth Gm8 Canon Pyon

Grimsworth Gm9 Credenhill Gm10a Hampton Bishop Gm10b Tupsley

Grimsworth Gm11a Holmer Gm11b Huntington in Holmer Gm11c Shelwick

Grimsworth Gm12 Kenchester Gm13 Mansel Lacy

Grimsworth Gm14 Mansell Gamage Gm15 Monnington Gm16 Moreton on Lugg

Grimsworth Gm17 Norton Canon Gm18 Pipe & Lyde

Grimsworth Gm19a Staunton o Wye Gm19b Letton Gm20 Stretton Gm21 Wellington 1

Grimsworth Gm21 Wellington 2 Gm22 Wormesley

Grimsworth Gm23 Yazor


Links to individual page images

Huntington H1 Bach Middlewood H2 Brilley 1

Huntington H2 Brilley 2 H3 Clifford 1

Huntington H3 Clifford 2 H4a Eardisley H4b Eardisley Parish 1

Huntington H4c Upperland in Eardisley H4d Eardisley Foreign H5 Huntington

Huntington H6a Kington 1

Huntington H6a Kington 2

Huntington H6b Old Kington H6c Pembers Oak & Chickward H6d Up & Low Hergest

Huntington H6e Bradnor & Rushock H7 Whitney

Huntington H8 Winforton



Links to individual page images

Radlow  R1 Asperton R2 Aylton R3 Bishops Frome 1

Radlow  R3 Bishops Frome 2 R3a Walton R4 Bosbury

Radlow  R5 Castle Frome R6 Canon Frome R7 Coddington 1

Radlow  R7 Coddington 2 R8 Colwall 1

Radlow  R8 Colwall 2 R9 Cradley 1

Radlow  R9 Cradley 2

Radlow  R9 Cradley 3 R10 Donnington R11 Eastnor 1

Radlow  R11 Eastnor 2 R12 Eggleton R13 Eastbach 1

Radlow  R13 Eastbach 2 R14 Halmond Frome  R15a Ledbury Borough 1

Radlow R15a Ledbury Borough 2

Radlow R15a Ledbury Borough 3 R27 Wallhills Faretree & Plaistow

Radlow R16 Ledbury Foreign R17 Ledney & Hawfield or Hanfield 1

Radlow R17 Ledney & Hawfield2 R28b Michell R18 Little Marcle R19 Lugwardine 1

Radlow R19 Lugwardine 2 R20 Moreton Jeffries

Radlow R21 Munsley R22 Parke & Pixley R23 Stoke Edith

Radlow R24 Stretton Sugwas R25 Tarrington 1

Radlow R25 Tarrington 2 R26 Upleadon

Radlow R29 Westhide R30 Weston

Radlow R31 Yarkhill


Links to individual page images

Stretford S1 Almeley S2 Birley

Stretford S3 Dilwyn S4 Eardisland 1

Stretford S4 Eardisland 2 S5a Kinnersley 1

Stretford S5a Kinnersley 2 S5b Lower Letton S6 Kingsland 1

Stretford S6 Kingsland 2

Stretford S6 Kingsland 3 S7 Kings Pyon S8 Lyonshall 1

Stretford S8 Lyonshall 2 S9 Monkland 1

Stretford S9 Monkland 2 S10a Pembridge

Stretford S10b Bury & Weston S10c Moorcot S10d Marston S10e Broxwood

Stretford S10f Noke Leen & Strangway S11a Shobdon 1

Stretford S11a Shobdon 2 S11b Lye Connop S12 Staunton Stocklow S13 Stretford

Stretford S14 Weobley


Links to individual page images

Webtree Wb1 Allensmore Wb2 Bacton 1

Webtree Wb2 Bacton 2 Wb3 Blakemere Wb4 Bredwardine

Webtree Wb5 Callow & Twyford Wb6 Clehonger Wb7a Didley

Webtree Wb7b Grafton Wb8 Dinedor & Rotherwas Wb9 Abbey Dore 1

Webtree Wb9 Abbey Dore 2 Wb10 Dorstone 1

Webtree Wb10 Dorstone 2 Wb11 Dulas  Wb12 Eaton Bishop

Webtree Wb13 Ewyas Harold Wb14 Holme Lacy 1

Webtree Wb14 Holme Lacy 2 Wb15 Kenderchurch & Howton Wb16 Kentchurch 1

Webtree Wb16 Kentchurch 2 Wb17 Kingstone Wb18 Lower Bullingham

Webtree Wb19a Madley Wb19b Shenmore in Madley

Webtree Wb19c Cannonbridge in Madley Wb20 Moccas

Webtree Wb21 Peterchurch

Webtree Wb22 Preston on Wye Wb23 Thruxton Wb24 Tyberton

Webtree Wb25 Turnastone Wb26 Vowchurch Wb27 Upper Bullingham Wb28 Wormbridge

Links to individual page images

Wigmore Wg1 Adforton Paytoe & Grange Wg2 Aston

Wigmore Wg3 Aymestrey Wg4 Bucknell & Coxall

Wigmore Wg5 Brampton Bryan Wg6 Burrington

Wigmore Wg7a Combe part of Presteigne Wg7b Byton Wg9 Downton 1

Wigmore Wg9 Downton 2 Wg10 Elton Wg11 Kinton Wg12a Knill

Wigmore Wg12b Lower Harpton Wg13 Leinthall Earls Wg14 Leinthall Starkes

Wigmore Wg15 Leintwardine

Wigmore Wg16 Letton & Newton Wg17 Lingen

Wigmore Wg18 Litton & Cascob Wg19 Marlow Wg20 Mowley Wapley & Upper Staunton 1

Wigmore Wg20 Mowley Wapley U Staunton 2 Wg21 Neth Lye Wg22 Rodd Nash Brampton 1

Wigmore Wg22 Rodd Nash Brampton 2 Wg23 Stepleton & Frog St Wg24 Pedwardine 1

Wigmore Wg24 Pedwardine 2 Wg25 Titley

Wigmore Wg26 Kinsham Wg27 Walford

Wigmore Wg28 Witton & Tripleton Wg29 Wigmore 1

Wigmore Wg29 Wigmore 2 Wg30 Willey

Wigmore Wg31 Yeaton


Links to individual page images

Wolphey Wp1 Brimfield Wp2 Eaton Hennor & Stratford

Wolphey Wp3 Edvin Ralph Wp4a Norton & Ashton

Wolphey Wp4b Luston in Eye Wp5 Farlow Shropshire

Wolphey Wp6a Hatfield Wp6b Docklow Wp6c Brockmonton Wp6d Fencot & Westwood

Wolphey Wp7 Hope Hampton & Winsley Wp8 Humber Risbury Prittleton

Wolphey Wp9 Hide Hill & Wintercott

Wolphey Wp10a Ivington Wp10b Brierley Wp11 Kimbolton 1

Wolphey Wp11 Kimbolton 2 Wp12 Laysters Wp13 Leominster 1

Wolphey Wp13 Leominster 2

Wolphey Wp13 Leominster 3

Wolphey Wp13 Leominster 4

Wolphey Wp13 Leominster 5

Wolphey Wp14 Sollers Dilwyn & Little Dilwyn Wp15 Little Hereford 1

Wolphey Wp15 Little Hereford 2 Wp16a Lucton Wp16b Eyton

Wolphey Wp17 Ludford Wp18 Medleton or Middleton

Wolphey Wp19 Newchurch Hursley Hoplesse Green & Logaston 1

Wolphey Wp19 Newchurch Hursley Hoplesse Green & Logaston 2 Wp20 Orleton 1

Wolphey Wp20 Orleton 2 Wp21 Richards Castle

Wolphey Wp22 Rochford Wp23 Sarnesfield Wp24 Stagbach & Cholestry

Wolphey Wp25a Stoke Prior

Wolphey Wp25c Wharton & Newton Wp26 Upton Wp28 Whyle

Wolphey Wp29a Yarpole Wp29b Bircher

Wolphey Wp30 Croft Wp31 Hampton Charles


Links to individual page images

Wormelow Wm1a Ballingham Wm1b Bolstone Wm2 Bridstow 1

Wormelow Wm2 Bridstow 2 Wm3 Dewsall Wm4 Garway 1

Wormelow Wm4 Garway 2 Wm5 Goodrich 1

Wormelow Wm5 Goodrich 2 Wm6 Haywood Wm7 Hentland 1

Wormelow Wm7 Hentland 2

Wormelow Wm8 Kings Caple Wm9a Kilpeck 1

Wormelow Wm9a Kilpeck 2 Wm9b Treville Wm9c Lanhitock Wm10 Llandinabo

Wormelow Wm10 Llandinabo Wm11 Llangarron 1

Wormelow Wm11 Llangarron 2

Wormelow Wm12 Llanrothal Wm13 Llanwarne

Wormelow Wm14a Little Birch Wm14b Aconbury Wm14c Little Dewchurch

Wormelow Wm15 Marstow 1

Wormelow Wm15 Marstow 2 Wm16 Much Birch Wm17 Much Dewchurch 1

Wormelow Wm17 Much Dewchurch 2 Wm18 Orcop 1

Wormelow Wm18 Orcop 2 Wm19 Pencoyd Wm20 Peterstow 1

Wormelow Wm21 St Weonards 2 Wm22 Sellack & Foy

Wormelow Wm23 Tretire & Michaelchurch Wm24  Welsh Newton

Wormelow Wm25a Whitchurch Wm25b Ganarew