In the pipeline

The Book Trade in Herefordshire by J. C. Eisel and J. Buchanan Brown: A detailed monograph. 

The Club’s publications have until now been paper-based. It has become increasingly difficult to cover by sales the printing costs of softcover books such as the Downton Gorge volume, even less hardcover bound issues such the Essays on honour of Jim & Muriel Tonkin. Regretfully the Club has suspended such publication but has continued to support other authors by means of the Geoffrey Walter Smith fund.other documents in this section will be those issued with the Transactions (and bound in 3-year volumes) but which are national reports e.g. on parish registers and archaeology. They have been included here when their size made the whole volume too large to process, but may be in the normal volume where space allows. 

The documents in the Web Only Publications section will have a brief description of the subject; the titles can browsed but the document will also be given keywords which will be accessed by the website search mechanism. Do bear in mind that the information in many will cross subject boundaries.