Books about Herefordshire
This section will give easy browseable access to downloadable books relevant to Herefordshire. Some will be in the form of links to online images of the books, other will allow the book to be downloadable directly. Books which are downloadable from the Club's pre-2012 publications tab are also given at the foot of this web page.

The Old Straight Track (1925) by Alfred Watkins
The Standing Crosses of Herefordshire by Alfred Watkins

Downloadable Woolhope Club pre-2012 publications by date

Morgan, F C and P Morgan A Concise List of Seals belonging to  1966 24pp
  the Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral    
Anthony The Iron Age Camp at Poston, Herefordshire 1958 40pp
Gilbert, H A and C W Walker Herefordshire Birds 1954 57pp
George Marshall Fonts in Herefordshire - Parts I, II, III 1949-51 98pp & 202 plates
Rev J O Bevan, Rev J Davies An Archaeological Survey of Herefordshire 1896 16 & 1 map
and F Haverfield      
Rev A Ley Additions to the Flora of Herefordshire 1894 89pp
Purchas and Rev A Ley A Flora of Herefordshire 1889 549pp
Bull, Dr H G and Hogg Dr The Apple and Pear as Vintage Fruits 1886 247pp
Bull, Dr H G and Hogg Dr Herefordshire Pomona Volume 1 1875-85  2 vols & 77 colour plates
Bull, Dr H G Notes on the Birds of Herefordshire   188pp