The Woolhope Club’s Library is held in the Woolhope Room which is on the first floor of Hereford Central Library, in Broad Street near the cathedral.  

The Librarians
The Club has two librarians, Jacqueline Jonson and Marianne Percival. Requests for information can be sent via the ‘Librarian’ name on the CONTACT US tab.

Opening Hours
The library is open to both members and non-members on Thursdays between 11.00 and 14.00 hours when the Club's librarians will be available to assist. In exceptional circumstances the librarians may agree to be available to open the library at another more suitable time. A Club Librarian is the only person authorised to open the Library and one must remain in attendance whilst the library is in use.

The library holds books on a wide range of subjects relating to the Club's interest in the natural sciences, archaeology and local history. The collection mainly relates to Herefordshire and parts of the adjacent counties. The library also contains an extensive collection of the transactions and journals of other similar societies which are listed below. A copy of the library catalogue is available in the Woolhope Room together with a cross-referenced card index.

How to Borrow Books
Only Club members may borrow books and transactions. Details of borrowings must be entered in the Library Issues Book. Publications may be borrowed for 3 months and renewed for a further 3 months at the discretion of a Club Librarian. Books should be returned to a Club Librarian on a Thursday. Members should ensure that the relevant entry in the Library Issues Book is cancelled and initialled by the librarian. Until this is done the member remains accountable for the loan.

Manuscripts and Rare Books
Manuscripts and rare books stored in the strong room are only available when the Club's Librarians are in attendance. Such items may not be borrowed and can only be consulted in the Woolhope Room.

Journals in the Library