Woolhope Club centenary photograph

The Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club was founded in 1851 to further the study of the natural, historical and social environment of Herefordshire, which lies on the border between England and Wales. The ‘Field’ part of the Club’s name means that they made expeditions around the county and beyond. Their studies were published as yearly ‘Transactions’ which continue to this day, in which academic papers as well as reports of the Club’s activities during the year are published.

Special interest groups in the club have their own journals. This literature will be made available over time to all visitors to the club’s website with some privileges reserved for Club members.

The Club’s library is housed within the Hereford library building in Broad Street and visitors are welcomed on Thursday mornings. As well as printed material, the Club library holds manuscript material which we hope will be made available online. Access this via the History:Archives topic.