The early editions were substantial: 1866 contained 324 pages, but as they became slimmer over time it was decided to combine three issues into a volume of three parts, with an overall index issued with part three, the page numbers starting anew for each volume. This led to confusion with indexing and from 2003 one volume per year has been issued, starting with volume 51 and Roman numerals have been dropped. Some of the early volumes below have more than one year's Transactions per downloadable hardback volume but are presented below per year. Please note that January to April 1902 will be found at the end of the 1900/1901 volume.

Separate volumes of cumulative indexes were produced over the years and in 2005 Heritage Lottery funding was granted to produce a searchable electronic index of the Transactions to date. This used the cumulative indices where possible, resulting in over 37,000 entries. The index is now updated yearly as the Transactions are published. A two-volume set of indices to the Transactions 1852-2004 was published in 2007. Volume 1 contains General Information & Index to the Contents and Illustrations pages (317pp.); Volume 2 contains the General Index (555pp.). These volumes are large files. 
Although the Club's Transactions are published with a soft card cover they have sewn-binding which makes them hard-wearing. Because the printing press uses large sheets of paper the colour illustrations included since 2012 are printed separately and appear in a separate section. This section will be found at the end of the main text in the single downloadable version or as a separate file. Members' names and addresses have been redacted from more recent copies of the Transactions to comply with privacy rules. The Transactions have been printed since the early 1970s by Orphans Press of Leominster. 

Transactions for a given year can be viewed or downloaded from the year icon by scrolling down from from the Transactions tab or by putting 'Transactions' and the year into the Search option keyword box. Search the Transactions index using the search option at the top of the screen but be aware that the quality of the original indices varied. Try different keywords and read the whole article if possible. The date of publication has been set as the Transactions year to avoid confusion though this can be much later. A rolling programme of providing access to downloadable or viewable images of past issues is underway. Images of issues within the last 10 years will only be accessible to Club members but the Table of Contents for these issues are available to non-members here. Please remember that copyright of articles remains with the authors or the Woolhope Club, and that illustrations cannot be reproduced without permission of the relevant owners or archives. The images of the Transactions from 1852-1889 are supplied courtesy of the Biological Heritage Library. 

Reference copies of the Transactions are available at Hereford central library and some other Herefordshire libraries and Herefordshire Archives. The Club's own library has reference copies and also lending copies for Club members only. See the Club Library tab under Woolhope Club for library details or get in touch with the librarian via  Contact Us if you would like copies of articles from volumes not yet online.