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The Club's Transactions have been published  for the years 1852-date. The links below are given per year but the printed volumes were scanned and loaded to the website per volume so there may be a number of years per volume. N nowadays there is only one year per volume. Please note that January to April 1902 will be found at the end of the 1900/1901 volume. The colour plates in recent issues will be found at the end of the document.In 2005 the existing printed indexes were made into an online searchable version which is updated every year. The early indexes were not comprehensive, so if you have problems finding a reference or an entry check adjoining pages or years, or try an associated keyword. A fuller version of these notes can be found here.
Images of issues within the last 10 years will only be accessible to Club members but the Table of Contents for these issues are available to non-members here. The names and addresses of Club members printed in the paper versions within the last 45 years have been removed from the online versions to comply with privacy legislation. Copyright of articles remains with the authors or the Woolhope Club and illustrations cannot be reproduced without permission of the relevant owners or archives.