Exploring Herefordshire's history, natural history and geology since 1851

The Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club was founded in 1851 to further the study of the natural, historical and social environment of Herefordshire, which lies on the border between England and Wales. The ‘Field’ part of the Club’s name means that they made expeditions around the county and beyond. Their studies were published as yearly ‘Transactions’ which continue to this day, in which academic papers as well as reports of the Club’s activities during the year are published.

Special interest groups in the club have their own journals. This literature will be made available over time to all visitors to the club’s website with some privilages reserved for Club members.

The Club’s library is housed within the Hereford library building in Broad Street,  and visitors are welcomed on Thursday mornings.


Goodrich Armistice Day parade 11 November 1935

Only seventeen years after the cessation of hostilities in November 1918, there must have been many people in Goodrich who well remembered those whose names are on the memorial tablet in the church and on the war memorial in the village near the village hall. The colour photograph shows the memorial tablet in the church on the hundredth anniversary of the armistice. The 1935 photographs show the procession to the war memorial passing near the school, many of the villagers taking part. Download the file to see the pictures


Woolhope Club visit to Brampton Bryan Park 22nd June 2018.

After the 21 members started out from the village hall park and proceeded past the Lodge House to assembled for a group photograph at one of the fine ancient Sweet Chestnuts that comprise the main avenue. These were reminiscent of the Sweet Chestnut avenue at Croft Castle and recently dated to the mid/late 17th century. After an ascent over the main north-south ridge members stopped to admire a fine multi-stemmed ancient lime on the western flank of the hill, recently made more visible by the removal of a 20th century conifer block.


The Goodrich Ferry Oak

The Woolhope Club visited Goodrich in August 1901, when the party of more than 60 crossed from Walford via the ancient ferry below the castle. This took some time as there were only two small ferry boats, later augmented to three by Mr Moffatt of Goodrich Court. Before climbing up to the Court, the group assembled under a ‘beautifully grown and regularly spreading oak tree on the bank of the river.’ A photograph was taken of the tree and appeared in the Club’s Transactions for that year. Presumed to be ancient, it now stands perilously close to the river bank. The question is - just how ancient is it?.