The Club has been interested in the history of Herefordshire’s canals from its early days as the problems of their construction had informed the study of geology, one of the Club’s prime interests. The Archaeological Research Section (ARS) of the Club was formed in the 1960s to study the remains in the landscape of activities including canals. As a result of the ARS’s field visits papers were written for the ARS’s journal, HAN and in the Club’s Transactions. Interest in Herefordshire’s canals spread and a number of articles were written for wider consumption. The articles are part of a series on the subject. Please note that all the material is copyright and must not be used without permission.

This first article on researching the Leominster canal is an introduction to the subject, with suggested locations for investigation and notes on the underlying geology of the route.

The second article reviews the history of the proposals for a canal and the surveys that were done. The technical issues which were solved (mostly) included bridges, aqueducts, feeder streams and sluices.  There are still questions about the choice of route and these are answered at the end of the article.

title page Leominster canal