Romano-British pottery found in Herefordshire - Finds and gallery

Over the years Woolhope Club members have collected many pottery items from Herefordshire. Some have found their way into the collections of Hereford Museum, where many remain uncatalogued and their find location, if known, unrecorded. They are often discarded when a person moves house or dies.

The countrywide Portable Antiquities scheme was originally set up to record items found by the public, frequently by metal detectorists, but its records have been extended to include pottery and stone tools, for example. However, a search of the records it holds (e.g. for mortaria) shows that the process of entering an item of the database requires meticulous recording and a backlog of potential entries is inevitable. In the short term it will be possible for members to record pottery finds in the Pottery section so that the information is not lost.

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