Romano-British pottery found in Herefordshire

Pottery from the Romano-British period is fairly common in Herefordshire and most parishes have scatters of it in some fields, suggesting that there was a settlement of the period nearby. Although some pottery was imported into Britannia, most Romano-British pottery of the period was made within the province, often by industries which had originated in the pre-Roman iron age.

Romano-British pottery from the Butts site in Worcester. Samian, Black Burnished and Severn Valley wares are all also found in Herefordshire. Romano-British pottery is often divided into 'fine-wares' - high quality table-ware, and 'coarse-wares' - pottery used for cooking, storage etc.

Pottery Lamp

Photograph courtesy of Herefordshire Heritage Services: Hereford Museum & Art Gallery

©Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club, Herefordshire