The parish of Goodrich takes its name from the holder of the manor of Goodrich (which included the parishes of Whitchurch ,Ganarew and parts of Llangarren and Llanrothal. See TWNFC, 2017, The boundaries of Goodrich: an exploration by Rosalind Lowe, pages 33-45, downloadable here.)

1761 - Little Ash Estate with terrier

1815 - Parish boundary Goodrich Marstow with perambulation

The 1884 plan of the Newcourt estate now in the parish of Marstow was made when the part enclosed by a loop of the river Garron was still extra-parochial, having been granted to Monmouth Priory soon after 1100. See TWNFC, 2007, Villa Cachebren, pages 112-9, downloadable here.