The Club has a good record of publishing substantial archaeological reports in the Transactions and in monographs over the years. These have been supplemented by the reports of items of archaeological interest; the annual Archaeology Recorder's report now commonly extends beyond 20 pages. However, in the last 20 years or so the position has changed. One reason is that developer-funded excavation reports have become available; An online archive of so-called 'grey literature', is among many other items accessible via the Archaeology Data Service or ADS hosted by the University of York. Where no funding is available for producing a document the Club has occasionally helped but excavation reports have become far too long to include in the Transactions. Commonly they run to more than 100 pages and include exhaustive lists of pottery, for example. Requests for abbreviated versions have not met with favour. It would now be possible to publish such reports on the website but probably ADS is a better home.


1. Archaeology Data Service (ADS). This is a direct link to Herefordshire archaeology reports. There may be duplication between these reports and Herefordshire through Time publications. A number of them are available for download.

2. Herefordshire through Time Publications.This contains select accessible and downloadable digital reports by Herefordshire Archaeology. These are arranged by year and then, where appropriate, the Herefordshire Archaeological Report (HAR) number.

3. Herefordshire through Time: Publications: Historic Environment Today (HET), was Herefordshire Archaeology's newsletter which ran from 1998 to 2012. it contained information on archaeology of Herefordshire and the activities of the county unit. The whole archive can now be found here.

4. The Corpus of Anglo Saxon stone sculpture is a project to record and publish a detailed record of every piece of Anglo Saxon sculpture in England. The volume containing Herefordshire (Volume X) has been published in paper form and in due course it will be available online, as are volumes I to VII. These earlier volumes have odd stylistic references to Herefordshire Anglo Saxon sculpture.

5. British and Irish Archaeology online. This website is a beta version of the ADS search. Putting 'Herefordshire' into the search term brings up references to a large number of reports in the ADS library, which can be further selected. The actual reports are not available at the moment.