Herefordshire Archaeology is the county archaeological service maintained by Herefordshire Council.. As at October 2018 it had a core staff of three: the Archaeological Advisor (who deals with planning enquiries and development advice), the Archaeological Projects Manager (who deals with research projects, Countryside Stewardship and partnership projects), and the Historic Environment Record Officer who manages the Historic Environment Record (HER), a comprehensive (though not always accurate) index to Herefordshire's historic environment. Due to budgetary cuts Herefordshire Archaeology is a shadow of its former self.

The HER is based around a Geographic Information System (GIS) database and consists of a paper and digitised records of all known archaeological and historic sites in Herefordshire, spanning the full range of human activity in the county. Records have been drawn from a wide variety of sources, including reports of archaeological fieldwork, books, journal articles, maps (including historic maps), aerial photographs, national lists and registers, student dissertations and field observations from antiquarian and modern recorders. It is a constantly evolving database and records are often added and updated..

Herefordshire Archaeology organises a number of events during the year and information on these can be found via weblinks here. These include a programme of historic walks. This webpage contains other information such as how to volunteer and notes on TV programmes that mention Herefordshire.