Take time to explore it and see what has already been loaded on to it and what the possibilities are. It has been designed to be easy to maintain but also to be extendable so that new information and its presentation can be added by the Club’s officers. Click the READ MORE button to learn more about the design and use of the different functions.

The website has undergone intensive testing prior to release but if you should find an error please let me know as soon as possible via Website Development on the CONTACT US option.

Using the Woolhope Club's website

The Home Page

If you are viewing the Home Page with a restricted width window it is possible that you won’t be able to see a line of Tabs below the Magnifier symbol at the top of the page. Either make the window wider or click the symbol to the left of the magnifier and they will appear. This may not work with Internet Explorer which is no longer supported - you will need to choose another browser.


The magnifier symbol allows you to search the information held on the website.  Hints on searching can be accessed from the Search screen.

Organisation of the website

The subject headings: Woolhope Club, Topics, Publications, News, Discover, Meetings across the screen give access to the information it holds. As you pass across these headings drop-down lists may appear with further sub-headings or you can select the main heading for information about it.

Each of the major subject headings under TOPICS has a number of sub-topics so you can select these for further exploration. Initially much of the information to be found under the headings has a south Herefordshire bias, but as more is loaded this will change. The website’s content will depend on input from Club members and the public.

The heading PUBLICATIONS gives access to the Transactions, HAN, and other kinds of publications. Again, clicking the heading gives you information and you can access the publications menu here.

The website’s design

The Club's website allows the Club's officers to perform essential functions such as giving information on meetings, the Club's organisation, members’ list and financial reports, for example. It can be thought of as a filing cabinet for all sorts of information including its design and the Club’s administration data, these latter functions being only accessible to certain Club officers.

The filing cabinet’s drawers are rather empty at the moment as it is designed to serve us for years to come. There are empty file holders with their names in place, some file holders not yet named and some with many files already in them e.g. Publications. The Club is asking its members (in the first instance) to help fill up the drawers with interesting information and make the website – the Club’s public face – take us on into the next 160 years.

If you would like to know more or contribute ideas please email me via Website Development on the Contact Us form. 

Roz Lowe