In the realm of Mycology the Woolhope Club has long been acknowledged as the pioneer of the special field meeting specifically devoted to the recording of fungi. It began in 1868 when at the initiative of a former president, the illustrious Dr Henry Graves Bull, a meeting advertised as ‘A Foray amongst the Funguses’ was held which is now seen as the archetype of all subsequent fungus forays. Thereby, a movement began that spread rapidly across Britain and the Continent and eventually worldwide that led to the promotion of fungi from obscurity among the lower plants to its modern place as a distinct biological Kingdom, Fungi. Today, the science of mycology encompasses an immense range of applications in most avenues of modern life.
The Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group has been holding fungus forays and actively recording and studying Herefordshire fungi since 1998. The number of species recorded in the County rises every year and at last count in 2020 (depending on the definition of a fungus species) stood in the region of 4,000 species.

Recent Woolhope Club  publications:
Downton Gorge National Nature Reserve. a paperback booklet by Wall, T.,  Weightman J., & Davey, S., 2011. 280 pages.  A review with special reference to fungi, lower plants and birds. See the cover here.

This paperback is still available to purchase in print. For copyright reasons it is not available on the website.

Online copies of the Transactions are available to non-members on a rolling ten-year basis by going to the PUBLICATIONS>Transactions on the website Home Page and scrolling down to the required issue. The SEARCH option on the Home Page will find many more fungi entries.

Recent articles in the Club’s Transactions

Weightman, Jo. 2017 pp 87-90. A selection of notable fungus records.

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