This collection of 450 deeds and maps was assembled from 1828 when Sir Samuel Meyrick chose Goodrich as the place to build a pseudo-castle to house his collection of armour. There are a few Meyrick family items also. He and successive owners enlarged the estate by purchasing local properties as they became available, in the process accumulating their deeds. Unfortunately the cataloguing took place before digital cameras were available, so important documents were scanned and maps were traced. On the catalogue the documents are grouped by properties. Separate notes are given for each group. Important maps will be located in the Maps>Local Maps section and any other important documents will be downloadable. A copy of the catalogue has been deposited at Herefordshire Archives.

 Goodrich Court deed catalogue in date order

Goodrich court deed catalogue in number order. The deeds were numbered in the order they were lifted out of their container.