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Programme 2014-2015: 

Please note that all meetings will be held on Saturdays at 2.15pm in Committee Room No.1, Shire Hall, Hereford, and will generally be illustrated. Non-members are welcome

10th January 2015 Henry Connor and David Whitehead: "Thomas Blashill (1831-1905): architect, antiquarian and President of the Woolhope Club 1882 and 1901" Change to programme
31ST January 2015 Gary Butler, Conservation architect and Historic Building Consultant: "The repair of the Masters House, St Katherines, Ledbury" Change to programme
28th February 2015 Steve Cosh, co-author with David Neal of Roman Mosaics of Britain IV: West Britain, (2010): "Roman mosaics in and around Herefordshire"
21st March 2015 Spring Annual Meeting: Presidential Address

Field Meetings


Archaeological Research Section Meetings, 2014

Geology Section Programme 2014

Natural History Section Field Meetings 2014


Archaeological Research Section Field Meetings 2014

AGM 2015 This will be held later than usual, in April or May 2015, and fuller details will go out with the Spring Newsletter. They will also be posted here when available.  
The annual Archaeological Symposium held by the Hereford Archaeological Unit This has been postponed until some time in the New Year, probably around Easter time. The Archaeological Unit will be moving along with the Records Office into the HARC at Rotherwas, when completed, and the Symposium will be held there. The day will be divided between reports on archaeology and the archives. Details will also go out in our Spring Newsletter.
  Further meetings will be posted here as soon as details are available  

Programme Notes

1. Field Visit start times now vary: please check programme carefully.

2. People intending to go on a visit MUST advise the leader or the secretary that they are going, and check with the leader if the weather forecast is poor.

3. Guests are welcome, but must take day membership of the Club: 1.00

4. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear for field meetings, and bring food and drink. It is not always possible to arrive at a hostelry at lunch time

5. Members requiring transport should contact the Leader or Chairman who will endeavour to arrange, but no guarantee can be given

6. Members and guests are reminded that field meetings are undertaken at their own risk.


Geology Section Programme 2014

For further information on any of the events below please contact Sue Hay on 01432 357138 or e-mail:

Please note the earlier time for the indoor meetings.


Friday 23rd January Idar-Oberstein: a gem (stone) of a town given by Dr Sue Hay

Friday 27th February

The AGM, which will commence at 6pm, will be held at:
Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC)
Berrows Business Centre
Bath Street
Friday 20th March EARS, the East African Rift System in Kenya given by Dr Bill Fitches
Sunday 26th April    Huntsham Hill geology and landscape led by Moira Jenkins. A 5km walk looking at flash floods in deserts, tropical seas and gorges including the view from Yat Rock.

All indoor events are held in the Woolhope Room, Hereford Library starting at 5.30pm unless otherwise specified. Top

Natural History Section Programme 2014

Details will be posted here in due course